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Van hire

Van Hire

If you are a DIY enthusiast and you want to embark on a do it yourself move, we at Julia's Removals we can still give you a helping hand . You can hire a vehicle from us !

If you are fit and strong , plenty of patience ,time and friends to help then why not hire a van ? Unlike your traditional van hire ,we can  offer you a simpler,stress free process whereby the vehicle is delivered and parked at your address , you load in your own time and then the driver comes back to drive the vehicle to your new property .When you are ready, the driver will come to collect the vehicle . 

- no forms to fill 

- no deposit required

- no fuel bill

- no stress driving and manoeuvring the van ,therefore no excess to consider in case of an accident

- no vehicle return after a hard working day

Price : £80

Monday - Sunday 

8:00 Am - 6:00 PM   

This offer is available for local jobs only!

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